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PS2 IconSys Library & Tools

This tools allow the creation and editing of icons for the Sony Playstation 2 console.

Remember those ugly, blue "corrupted data" boxes that you get when randomly dumping data on a Playstation 2 memory card? The reason for this is, that the PS2 browser searches for an Icon.sys file in each directory, which points to a 3d icon that can be rendered by the browser.

Fortunately, there are a couple of tools out there that allow you to create Icon.sys files, as well as the actual 3d icons. This is one them.


This project consists mainly of two parts: A C++ library for handling PS2 icons and Icon.sys files and a toolchain based on that library.

Currently the library contains all basic functionalities, but there are still some todos pending. The toolchain consists of three applications


Download Download Full Source (C++), 410 KB

Download Download Library (C++), 40 KB

Download Download Documentation (HTML), 175 KB

Download Download Windows Binaries, 260 KB

Download Download IconSys Viewer (Win32), 90 KB

The IconSys Viewer is a 3d visualizer for PS2 icons (Screenshot). It was a by-product of the development of the IconSys library and is therefore to be considered unstable software.

About the Source Code

The source code compiles under both Windows (Visual Studio or Cygwin) and Linux (gcc). See the enclosed COMPILE file for details.

The complete source code is provided under the terms of the MIT license. See the enclosed LICENSE file for details.


The complete Doxygen documentation of the library is available for online viewing.

To the Documentation

Download Version for Offline Viewing

Known Issues

See the enclosed README file for details.


This project was only possible due to the information available at A huge credit goes to Martin Akesson, whose Reference file on the PS2 Icon format was a great help. Another useful reference was the description of the Icon.sys file format at by loser.

Version History

* V-1.0 (Jan. 2008)
 - Initial release.

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