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Remote Controller

This little tool allows controlling Winamp, Media Player Classic and VLC media player with the Logitech UltraX Media Remote. It works as a complete replacement for the Logitech driver software.

The Logitech UltraX Media Remote is a very cheap radio remote control with a USB receiver. Although originally designed as OEM hardware, the UltraX Media Remote can be purchased seperately in many internet hardware stores. Its low price (usually less than 20€) and usage of radio technology (as opposed to infrared, which requires a line-of-sight between remote and sensor) make the UltraX a nice piece of hardware. Unfortunately, the accompanying software is quite impertinent.

After one afternoon of playing around with DirectInput I managed to interact with most of the keys of the remote, which eventually resulted in this tool.

The code itself is probably what you would call ugly and the featureset is somewhat limited, but the program itself runs very smooth and I'm quite happy with it (it's running constantly on my machine, so I consider it very stable).


The Remote Controller in action.


Windows Download Win32 Binary (.EXE), 65 KB

C++ Download Source Code (Visual C++ 2005), 14 KB

Build Instructions

The source code archive includes Project Files for Visual Studio 2005, but you should be able to compile it with pretty much any compiler for Win32. The only external dependency is a version of the Microsoft DirectX SDK that supports DirectInput8 or higher.

Known Issues

None :)

Version History

** Remote Controller - Version History         **

* V-1.22 (Nov. 08)
 - New VLC interface (version 0.9.2+) is now supported
 - Thanks to Gediminas Karcmarinas for pointing out

* V-1.21 (Nov. 07) 
 - Adjusted VLC full screen mode behaviour
 - Added volume control for Winamp via CH/Page

** V-1.2 (Nov. 07)
 - Added support for VLC player

* V-1.03 (Dec. 06)
 - Added intelligent search for Winamp path

* V-1.02a (Oct. 06)
 - Fixed bug that caused high CPU loads

* V-1.02 (Oct. 06)
 - Added support for Media Player Classic
 - Added support for Screensaver

** V-1.0 Initial Release (Oct. 06)
 - Winamp Support

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